Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dog Days of Summer?????

The usual conversation about the weather in Yuma this time of year is normally just limited to the sweltering heat and make-up melting humidity. However, for a few days people were actually discussing the nice weather we were experiencing. Nice weather? In Yuma? In August? Now, just for the record, by nice weather, I mean, only like 100 degrees, maybe 105, with very little humidity. I know, crazy. But, it's true. The days were warm; it IS summer, after all. What do you expect? But, the mornings were so pleasant, maybe actually cool, the days were not the least bit scorching like normal, and the evenings were mild and comfortable. People actually ventured outside! We don't typically see our backyard until late October.

Now, why is this blog-worthy? Well, because for a few August evenings my son had the distinct pleasure of playing outside. The kid loves being outside! And, if you've seen my backyard, you would have to know this boy is not too particular about his outdoor surroundings. The yard leaves a lot to be desired. (I am just considering these my before shots...we will be landscaping in early fall.)

So, outside play time was a welcome respite from being confined (literally...we have baby gates locking him, and us, in) to the 300 square feet of our family room and throwing toys, hitting the dogs, and turning off the TV and/or DVR.

Here are some great pics of my little boy in his element....

Playing is his cottage.

He may have a future in landscape work. If it wasn't for child labor laws we would contract him for our backyard job.

I think he was actually trying to shovel the dog. Nevermind picking up the poop...go directly to the source. Smart kid.
David's new wheels...a gently used red Radio Flyer. It has 4-wheel drive, bucket seats, and cupholders.
Every boy should have a little red wagon.
And what's a romp in yard without a ride down the slide!

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