Saturday, November 21, 2009

Remember When...?

There was a time when going out of town meant I was making a list (either mental or real) of the things I needed for the trip. I could just toss all my stuff in a bag the morning of departure and head out the door. That is no longer the case.

As I am prepping for a trip to Palm Desert for the annual Lutheran Educators Conference (I know, I live a super glamorous life), it has dawned on me that my prepping and packing now goes way beyond making sure I pack underwear and a toothbrush for myself. I do need to remember those things, but I'm a mom now so, I also have to make sure there are dinners for David, sodas for Andrew, plenty of milk, diapers and wipes stocked, pajamas washed, and school clothes laid out for each day. And all of this packing and prepping begins like 2 days before I leave. I mean, I totally trust my husband to take great care of our son in my absence. He's a great dad. He will change his diaper, feed him, make sure he gets a nap, and remember to bathe him before bed. He is a total pro. I, however, do not trust him to give David an even remotely balanced meal (nilla wafers and pretzels is not a good dinner) or to dress him like he's NOT a homeless orphan. Call me crazy or neurotic, but I just cannot leave Yuma County thinking my son may be having cookies for dinner or looks like he's been dressed by a color-blind chimpanzee. Certainly, all I have prepped could go to hell and there could be rampant cookie eating and mismatched outfits. But, I when I go to sleep at night I will be able to rest my head on that hotel pillow knowing I was a good mom for getting everything ready. And, after all, what I don't know won't hurt me.

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