Saturday, April 17, 2010

Confirmations, Reminders, & Jump Rope

I'm not really sure why at this point in my life I am surprised by God. I shouldn't be, but I am.

After we attended church on Saturday evening last week we were pretty much hooked and decided to go back. We really liked the worship and the less stress of going on Saturday at 5pm. Really liked it.

This week we got the confirmation that we were in the right place. First, David was excited about going to church. So much so, in fact, that he was saying, "We go to church" as we were on our way. And furthermore, when we arrived and dropped him off in his preschool classroom he didn't cry. There was not one Sunday at our previous place of worship in which David did not scream and cry when we left him. Confirmation received.

Andrew and I settled into our chairs and worship soon began. God wasn't subtle. He didn't beat around the bush or even warm-up first. Right off the bat, first song, message sent.

The song was "Jump Rope" and here are the lyrics...
Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
Cause it will get hard
Remember life's like a jump rope

Up down
Up down
Up down
Up down yeah
It will get hard
Cause it will get hard

There'll be a bump and there will be a bruise
There'll be alarms and there will be a snooze
There'll be a path that you will have to choose
There'll be a win and there will be a lose and

You gotta hold your head up high and Watch all the negative go by
Don't ever be ashamed to cry
You go ahead
Cause life's like a jump rope

After the week I had, that was literally up and down like jumping rope, with bumps, bruises, and lots of crying, this song was hand-picked and sung just for me. At least it seemed. Got it, God.

And it didn't end there. There was more. Here are some reminders I needed and received:

My God is everlasting.

He does not grow faint or weary.

The Lord is my strength and my deliverer.

He is my comfort when I am in need.

God's love was poured out at the cross. For me.

I am undeserving, but received the precious, priceless gift of life anyway.

Point, set, match, God. I got it. I heard you. I understand. I will be back next week. Thank you!

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