Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break

Spring has certainly been in the air for some time. At school, my students and myself were all suffering from an acute case of Spring Fever. The only cure for this terrible illness is a week off from school. My 21 3rd and 4th graders and I welcomed the much needed break with open arms. None of us were too sad to say goodbye to each other on Friday afternoon!

The week off was spectacular. I enjoyed every wonderful minute and felt like a new and improved person at the end of it. Here is how my week went....

Monday - slept in, Daddy took David to school so Mommy could drink tea and eat cookies for breakfast. I leisurely get only myself ready, enjoyed a mani/pedi, had lunch with the hubby, took an afternoon nap, picked-up Little Man from school, and went out to dinner with my sister- and mother-in-law.

Tuesday-Wednesday - We were San Diego bound with my friend and her two kids. Our adventure included, but was not limited to: a trip to the Coach store, a visit to the Birch Aquarium, dinner at PF Chang's, a day at the zoo, and dinner at Pei Wei before heading back to Yuma.

Thursday - Another "mommy" day that involved being lazy and watching telelvision for much of the morning, then lunch with my sister-in-law, and spent the late afternoon with David.

Friday - David and I made a morning visit to the fair to check out the livestock (ahhh, small town living!), lunch at home, naps for both of us, and a double-date with a our couple friends to the fair that night...without kids!

Saturday-Sunday - It was time for me to mentally prepare for my life of leisure to come to an abrupt halt and return to my stark reality on Monday morning.

There was also more than one trip to Target and more than several trips for fro-yo (frozen yogurt) during the week. I will be living this beautiful carefree lifestyle once again when summer break comes (minus the lovely weather).

Here are some pictures of our SD adventures....

The newly remodeled Polar Bear Plunge at the SD Zoo.

He had to discover for himself if it was real or not.

His favorite were the elephants.

A mural outside the Birch Aquarium.

A delicious meal for a Great White Shark.

Not really interested in the starfish, just the water.

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