Sunday, July 25, 2010

One of Those Afternoons

I have had a pretty kick-back summer. I'm lucky to have a hubs that likes it when I stay home and does not harp on me to keep the house spotless and have dinner on the table when he gets home. My house is clean...enough, and I rarely cook.

Our Sunday morning and early afternoon started off pretty nice. Andrew took David fishing, leaving me to enjoy some quiet time and homemade blueberry pancakes all to myself. Bliss. They came home, cleaned off and we just hung out a little. Then it was out for a quick lunch, some clothes shopping for my boys, hit-up the grocery store, and home for naptime. Naps for everyone. So far my kind of Sunday.

Somewhere between naptime and mid-afternoon this all changed. David awoke...screaming, and after only an hour of sleep. For the rest of the afternoon we had a super-charged toddler with a bad attitude.

Then there was the hubs. If he is home for too long with us he gets silly. Then his silliness turns into just plain annoying. He tries so hard to be funny and after a little while it is just lost on cranky mommy who gets tried of being the butt of the joke and pestering.

By late afternoon I needed to keep myself busy. I made homemade ice cream, washed the piling dirty dishes, put in a load of laundry, cleaned out the fridge, took out two bags of trash, cooked dinner, fed my boys, did more dishes, cleaned a chocolate pudding mess from the floor and table, laundered the couch slipcover because of said pudding, and fed the dogs. Pepper that with whining, demanding, and potty training and that was my afternoon.

This mom and wife thing can be exhausting. On days like this, going back to work sounds relaxing.

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