Sunday, August 1, 2010

Unorganized Living: The Saga Continues

More than one week into the complete organizational overhaul of my home and I'm still not quite done. To date I have hauled nearly 20 bags of trash out of my house and I currently have the 2nd large pile of items waiting to be picked up by Precious Treasures. There is also a pile of boy's toddler clothes and shoes awaiting donation. And before it's all over, (if I ever make it to my bedroom) I will have many, many women's clothes to be given away to new closet homes. I have worked nearly every day on paring down and putting away (it's difficult to purge and sort when you are entertaining a toddler). The Clean Out of 2010 has even made its way to our outside storage area. The hubs is trying to get a bullet reloading station out there. So, when all is said and done, there will be reloading outside, sewing/crafting inside, a newly redecorated big boy bedroom for my little, big boy, and a general sense of organization and order throughout our cozy little cottage. There is an end in sight. I must be finished by Wednesday morning when my cleaning lady comes, I have a hair appointment, and my dad comes to visit.

T-minus 60 hours until I'm finished....

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