Monday, October 4, 2010

What I DON'T Get Done When I'm Busy With Life

While doing some blog hopping on the internet, I was slapped in the face with a huge dose of inferiority in the way of adorable Halloween decor. The picture below reminded me that I don't have the time to decorate my home so fabulously for the upcoming holiday. Thanks, Random Crafty Blogging Lady Who Has Some Great Taste and Way More Time To Be Crafty and To Decorate Than I Do. By the way, you are my hero.

P.S., I did decorate for Fall. I mean, I'm not a heathen. Only my decorations consist of a one random grouping of pumpkins and gourds on the cafe table on my front porch and 1 orange squash and 2 small white pumpkins next to the TV in my family room. Decoratively pathetic.


  1. ok, I decorated but DANGIT, I was going to do the upside down witch in a flower pot and forgot!! This lady is a decorating genius... I think I need to get cutting out some black birds to add to some pictures....

  2. What is a 'groping' of pumpkins? Is that PG?? ;) Kidding Lauren....great pics and most entertaining! Hope you guys are doing well. We have a blog as well, but only update a couple times a month. Here's the link if you're interested.....


  3. I too get pretty jealous of people who are super crafty and creative and blog all about it!

  4. I never even thought about decorating for fall!! It's very cute....just never crossed my mind! Guess I'd better get busy!