Friday, January 14, 2011

What a Week!: The Medical Chronicles of One Family

You know that saying, "When it rains, it pours"?  Well, that pretty much sums up this week for our family.

On Monday the hubs spent the better part of the day working in Lake Havasu.  His back breaking labor sent him to the chiropractor on Tuesday.

For a while now, David has had an issue with his eyes.  They get watery and a bit goopy as a result of his allergies.  Well, if you don't already know, a little goop (that's a technical medical term) excreting from the eye will cause any person working in a school to go into a panic.  It's not pink eye, people!

So, the little guy began rubbing one of his eyes and of course it started to swell shut a bit and turned pretty red.  Daddy was on the ball and made an appointment with the pediatrician for Thursday.  The pediatrician made a referral to the opthamologist, and he prescribed some eye drops for not pink eye (another technical medical term).  It's inconclusive whether or not it is an infection (again, not pink eye), or if there is some foreign matter under the lid irritating the eye.

Thursday was also the day Momma had a sore and swollen nose plus sinus pressure and a headache.  I self-diagnosed thought it to be a sinus infection.  A trip to the urgent care, and I learned my diagnosis was correctWho needs medical school?  I was out the door with a 'scrip and back home for some rest.

Finally, Friday!  Momma is tired, David is cranky, and Daddy is limping around.  But, it's almost the weekend, a 3-dayer, I might add, and I think, I just gotta get through today and we're golden.  Fast forward to mid-morning and David's school calls with a report that he has blood in his urine and his little wee-wee is turning blue.  The pediatrician is called and he sends us to the ER.  Seems the little guy has an infection in his privates.  We're sent home with some more meds.

So, to recap, that's a chiropractor, a pediatrician, an opthamologist, a trip to urgent care and the ER, and six prescriptions for one family of three.

What a week!  Let's pray better health is on the horizon.       

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  1. Holy damage girl! I thought our week was tough with all three of us getting sick, of course one after the other. And LJ is getting his final molars....but girl, you win.

    I think you deserve a pedicure or I HIGHLY recommend Chinese foot massage if you haven't been. Cheap and amazing.

    Hopefully the weekend is eventfuless!