Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Happenings

I hope each of you had a blessed weekend celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord.  It was a low-key weekend for us, which is always nice.

There was no school on Good Friday, and that was my only chance to procure some Easter goodies for my boys.  David spent the morning playing at his cousins' house and momma went-a-shoppin'.  Nana and Papa babysat that same night while mom and dad enjoyed a dinner with some fellow adults.  A dinner without a toddler is a rare, but delightful thing.

On Saturday, the boys took Papa fishing while momma snuck away for a pedi and enjoyed some quiet time.  It wasn't a terrible terrific day for David in terms of his behavior and attitude, so we had to leave promptly after the church service on Saturday evening rather than stay and enjoy burgers and baptisms with our fellow church go-ers in the courtyard.  But, all was redeemed when we got to dye Easter eggs.  It was David's first time!  I know he is almost 4, don't judge me.

The Easter Bunny dropped by overnight, and David enjoyed a nice little egg hunt in the front yard at about 6:30am.  Ugh!  Then daddy and David headed back out to the river for an Easter Catch of Fish.  After that it was Nana and Papa's house for brunch, back home for a nap, and egg salad sandwiches in the late afternoon.  A great Easter if I do say so myself. 

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