Monday, January 4, 2010

Woke Up on the Early Side of the Bed

I was less than enthusiastic to return to work from my 2 week paid vacation. What made an early Monday morning even worse, and earlier, was my little alarm clock mishap.

Let me set the scene for you: There I lay, peaceful, cozy, sleeping. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I press snooze. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Snooze. Repeat...a few more times. This is early morning protocol. I finally decide to make my move. Covers off, head up, sleep mask off, glasses on, lumber to the bathroom, shower, and now I am awake. Sort of. I return to my room and make a snarky comment to my husband who said he was getting up early, but was still snoring in bed. I'll admit I was jealous. I'm not above those kinds of emotions. Well, I suppose what came next was my just desserts for my sassy attitude. Andrew then informed me of the actual time. It was not 5:30am like I thought, but only 4:36am. I had inadvertently set my clock time one hour ahead while trying to set my alarm time the night before. There I was, showered and awake at such an ungodly hour! I couldn't go back to sleep because I probably never would have woken up again. I couldn't go to work any earlier because my son couldn't be dropped off at school before 6:3oam. I am sure if I had thought long and hard enough I could have come up with some wonderfully productive activity to pass the time, like graded those papers I brought home over break and never touched, or even (Gasp!) cleaned something. But, mad at my husband for not telling me of the time sooner, I laid in bed and pouted while watching the news. Not the start I hoped for in my week back to work. Alas, as they say: all is well that ends well...after a very large cup of coffee, 21 beautiful smiling faces, and the comfort of my old routine, I eventually made it through the first Monday of 2010.

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