Thursday, December 31, 2009

And That's a Wrap

It is time for the New Year! I have recently been hearing people discussing the year's end and what they have done in the last year and what they look forward to in the new year. So, as we conclude, not only another year, but a decade, I have been inspired to pen a list of my accomplishments from the past 10 years. Some of it's remarkable and noteworthy, some of it's just comical, but all of it is real. Here are 33 of the highs , lows, and in-betweens of my life from 2000-2009, one for every year of my life, not necessarily in chronological order....

1. Earned a BA in Political Science

2. Served in a camping ministry

3. Began my illustrious teaching career

4. Met my wonderful husband

5. Became an Arizonian, better yet, a Yuman

6. Earned my Master's Degree

7. Bought my first home

8. Acquired 2 tent trailers

9. Purchased 4 vehicles

10. Graded an infinite number of papers

11. Gave gifts

12. Made new friends

13. Grew closer with old friends

14. Helped loved ones in need

15. Laughed until I peed my pants

16. Cried until I couldn't breathe

17. Welcomed 2 nephews and 2 nieces into the world

18. Gained a wonderful new family in my in-laws

19. Heard disturbing information

20. Learned amazing new things

21. Became a mother through foster care

22. Became a parent through adoption

23. Became a fan of Elmo

24. Was vulnerable

25. Was strong

26. Watched too much reality TV

27. Lost a grandmother

28. Lost a baby

29. Entered my 30's

30. Lost weight

31. Gained it all back, and then some

32. Changed A LOT of diapers

33. Picked up many, many toys

Well, thanks for the memories '00-'09. I look forward to the ups, downs, twists, turns, surprises, and adventures in store for the next 10 years. It may a bumpy ride, so buckle up and Remain seated please. Permanecer sentados por favor.

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  1. Thanks for the update over the last ten years I missed! Sorry to hear about your grandma and losing a baby. That must have been rough.