Monday, February 22, 2010

Ain't No Shame in My Bread Making Game!

I have no shame. I admit that most of my best ideas have come from someone else. My latest starts way a year ago. A friend and mother of 5 (not a typo!) was telling me how she bakes her own bread and that her children (all 5 of them) have never eaten store-bought bread. She even mills her own grain! Some people are just over-achievers. Anywho, I was so wanting to be like her in the home baking of bread kind of way (not the having 5 children kind of way). It took me no time to decide that since I was a working mom and a little on the lazy and non-domestic side, that making my own bread just wasn't in the cards for me. My life was destined to be the store-bought bread kind.

Fast forward a year later when I am reading countless posts by another fellow mom who is making homemade bread in 5 minutes a day! It was all based on the revolutionary (yes! bread CAN be life changing) book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. After reading her many posts and drooling at her pictures of fresh baked bread I knew my life had a destiny beyond store bought bread. I bought the book and made the bread. The dough was so simple to make and it can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. You just cut off a hunk about the size of a grapefruit , form it, then bake it. Now, to be fair, there are more than 5 minutes a day involved if you include the dough resting time and baking time, but it really is not labor intensive. I made my first loaf last night and it was so good that we ate the whole loaf! It has changed my life and I'm never looking back. I will never buy another loaf of store-bought bread again.

But, sorry, folks, there will be no bread pictures here.

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