Monday, February 22, 2010

The Next Emeril Lagasse

sous chef – [soo-shef] noun: the second in command in a kitchen; the person ranking next after the head chef.

For the past two evenings, as I have been busy preparing a home cooked meal for my family, I have had some assistance in the form of one mess-making 2 year old. David's newest hobby is to empty our bottom cupboard of all its contents and strewn said contents about the kitchen floor. He then proceeds to take one or two utensils from the drawer and pretend to stir and put the utensils in and out of different pots or pans, and even carries his kitchen essentials around the house placing them on and taking them off tables. He has always enjoyed play kitchens. We have a "kitchen" for him here at home, he plays with one at school, and we have been other places with "kids areas" that features kitchen. He goes for the kitchen like his Mommy heads for the Coach outlet. The kid is focused! While he is not exactly helping me in the kitchen. It's more like creating a dangerous obstacle course in which I must traverse as if I am on some kind of cooking challenge game show where contestants must cook a meal while manuevering crazy obstacles. I digress. Regardless of the mess, or the danger, I love having my little guy next to me play kitchen right along with Mommy.

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  1. Braden did that ALL the time!! I didn't mind because it's what kept him quiet as I was trying to make a decent healthy meal for the family! Alexa now just likes to take all the silver ware out of the dishwasher....makes me batty!!!
    What a cute boy, helping his mommy!