Friday, February 12, 2010

The Mis-Adventures of Toddler-dom

There are several things that the mom of a toddler may encounter that no one ever tells you about. Here are some of my funny, silly, or wild moments as the mother of a rambunctious 28 month old boy:

There was the time David found a little treasure on the floor left by our then new dog Sammy. It was poop. It was all over his hand.

There is the spontaneous throwing of objects, hitting, and biting.

There was the kissing game he played in a restaurant booth in which he walked on the seat back and forth between Andrew and I, kissing each of us over and over.

There are the requests for hugs whenever he is in trouble or is asked to do something he doesn't want to do.

There are the times when he recognizes dog poop on the ground and then purposely stomps his foot in it.

There are the times when he puts his food-laden hands into his hair making it sticky, mushy, smelly, wet, crusty, and/or goopey.

There are the times when he falls from a chair, couch, high-chair, bed, etc., onto usually a hard tile floor, of course, hitting his head first.

There was the time I left a restaurant with mud and dirt all over one pant leg from David putting his dirty shoes on my leg under the table.

There is the using the term ketchup to label all kinds of dip or sauce. Not to mention the using of acutal ketchup on unorthodox foods, like a chocolate chip granola bar.

There is not wanting to eat his own food and wanting what Mommy and Daddy are eating. We are eating the same thing.

There is the single-handed breaking of the toliet tank lid by pulling it down onto the floor.

There are the times when he poops in the bathtub, while taking a bath.

There are also the times when we cuddle in bed to watch Elmo, or when he falls asleep in my arms, or when he calls for me in the morning when he wakes up, or when he sees me arrive to get him from school and he runs up to give me a big hug. No one tells you about these either. Its good, bad, and ugly, but it's a wonderful adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything.

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