Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Multitasking and Mr. Sandman

I'm tired, my eyes hurt, I feel like I have a million things to do at school, the dogs are driving me nuts, and the kitchen has pots and pans all over the floor (thanks, David) that I don't feel like picking up. And, to top it all off, I can no longer put off the bill paying that I have needed to do for a few days now. This calls for a little mommy multitasking. So, after I get David bathed and ready for bed I decide to power up the laptop compter and do some internet banking while David curls up next to me for our nightly Elmo watching. He doesn't mind as long as nothing blocks his view of the TV. Some may criticize, but, let's not throw stones, we have all done it before!

About midway through emptying my bank account to pay for I don't know what, I look over and see my little guy curled up on his daddy's pillow fast asleep. This doesn't happen too often. Usually he can barely take his eyes off Elmo long enough to sneeze or even blink. Obviously he was exhausted!

He just looks like a little angel lying there. That beautiful boy has not a care in the world and is just so comfortable, content, and tuckered out from his day of play that he has been lulled into dream land. I can't help but look at him and thank God for his wonderful gifts. Nite, nite, David.

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