Monday, March 1, 2010

Hair Raising

I like to get my hair done. Some may say it's vain. Every 5 weeks I go for a cut and every other visit I get color. I like it. I like the pampering: my hairdresser gives scalp massages and makes great lattes! I like the me-time and the chat-time with my stylist. And, most of all, I like to look good. Is that a crime?

For someone who has regular hair appointments scheduled 10-15 weeks in advance it may surprise some to know I cut my own child's hair. And, not to sound braggy, but I think I do a pretty good job. Does that sound braggy? I suppose someday I will schedule appointments for David to have his hair professionally cut and styled, but for now, while he is impatient and wary of strangers, I'll be wielding the scissors and comb.

You can be the are some pics of my kiddo and his rockin' do. And, if you don't care for the hair, just focus on his adorable face!
Please don't mistake this for posing. He wasn't a very cooperative model.
A model on the brink of tears. The photo shoot needed to end quickly.

An extreme close-up.

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