Monday, February 22, 2010

The Toddler Strikes Again

Toddler Destruction Part 526:

David loves to play with doors, opening and closing, in and out. Last night, he apparently inadvertently (or on purpose, who knows?) turned the lock on our bedroom door. Then when Daddy wanted to keep David out, the door was closed. And. Locked. We didn't realize our lock-out situation until it was time to take our bathed, lotioned, and pajama-ed little boy into our bed for the nightly ritual of watching Elmo before sleepy-time. We have no key to said door. So, at that moment what stood between us and some family time in Mommy and Daddy's bed was a solid wood barricade.

About 10 minutes and one doorknob-less door later, we were comfy, cozy, all in bed watching Sesame Street's famed furry, red resident that dear David loves so much. Even the simplest and seemingly most benign moments in life can be interrupted at the hand of one adorable 2 year old. All in a day's work for David.

The locked door after it met its fate with a hammer. How else do you think we got in without a key??????

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