Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Boy

It was birthday time for a special boy in our house. No, not David. Today is Andrew's 34th birthday. Even as I type it, I can't believe it. We are now in our mid-thirties. We were just babies at 26 years old when we met. How time flies!

Now Andrew is not the birthday celebrating type like his dear wife. He likes very low key, no fuss, no muss, kind of birthdays. So, to respect his wishes I did not plan a surprise party or arrange for an airplane to write a message across the sky. He even declined a cake. I finally got him to agree to homemade chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies. Though, he did make a request for homemade pizza for his birthday dinner. However, since I'm a working mom, I'm a procrastinator, and it rained cats and dogs on Sunday, I failed to acquire the necessary ingredients for cookie baking until late Monday afternoon. I was also picking up his card and present at that time. Ooops.

Needless to say, by the time I got home and began to get the cookie dough going, it was clear that homemade pizza was not going to happen in a timely manner. Not to mention it might have caused me to lose my mind! My dear husband saw that I was in over my head and suggested that we just order a pizza for dinner rather than me go nuts in the kitchen. You would have thought it was my birthday. Such a sweet guy!

So, that was his 34th birthday...some Pizza Hut and chocolate chip cookies at home. He was happy. He's a simple man. That's my birthday boy.

The Birthday Cookies

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