Monday, May 10, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday!

I love that Beatles song. Mostly because I do say it's my birthday. I love my birthday! I love to tell people that it's my birthday. I love to celebrate my birthday. I especially love to recieve gifts for my birthday!

The older I get the more my outlook on birthdays changes. I have always been a big birthday person, but inside I always felt a little on the narcissistic side for putting so much focus on a day that is all about me. These days, though, while my zeal for birthday partying has not tempered, I do not feel so self-centered about it. The wiser (read: older) I get the more I realize that what is important to me about my birthday is not all about me, but the people around me. I love nothing more than to celebrate, not alone, but with others. I love having dinner or cake or whatever on my birthday with people that I love and matter to me.

I am celebrating my 34th birthady this year, and as I think back on celebrations of past birthdays I can see faces of people who at different points in my life were important to me. As I celebrate today, some of the faces are the same, some dfferent. Birthdays are milestones on a journey through life. The celebrations help mark the time and the people celebrating with you are there helping you along your journey. There are some who help you along for a great while on your journey. Others only walk along side you for a short time. All are important.

I do have some regret about growing older, but the more birthdays I have to look back upon, the happier my heart is. I love my birthday. I love the people I get to share it with.

Happy birthday to me!

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