Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Grand Slam of Craftiness

July is birthday month for a friend's adorable and energetic son. He's turning 5 and that's a big deal! The theme for his party this year is baseball. My friend recruited me to make him a birthday shirt. Easy. But, in my infinite crafty-imaginings (those are the crafty ideas I find on the 'net or make up in my head) I added to my birthday crafting duties. Check out what I whipped up....

A summer birthday party is not complete without bunting!

This is my bunting in progress. I made 12 yds. total. I know...YIKES! That's a lot of bunting.

I think I got carried away.

Birthday t-shirt #1: Tally marks for 5...get it?!!

Birthday t-shirt #2: Five baseballs for the birthday boy and his baseball party.

And, finally, to complete the baseball theme I made a pennant featuring the birthday boy's age and initials. This photo shows the pennant in progress. Fun!

Want tutorials on any of my craftastic items? Here you go!

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