Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Funny Things He Does

My almost 3 year old has some hysterical moments. He is growing up so fast and does some very funny things as he learns how to do things and learns new words and phrases. I want to share these moments here and hopefully properly communicate their innate laughter inducement.

David is playing in the family room, wearing only his big boy underpants. He sees his keys (a set of real keys that don't work that he likes to play with), grabs them, and nonchalantly waves to me and says "Bye guys," as he heads for the front door.

He brings his play shovel out of his room and pretends to pick up imaginary piles of dog poop from the family room floor and dumps them in the kitchen. "Yucky poo-poo."

After having a short little coughing bout, David places his hand on his chest and with wide-eyes says, "Oh my goodness."

1 comment:

  1. So funny! I can totally hear your laugh after each episode. Kids are a crack up- and what makes them so funny is that they are not TRYING to be funny- they are just trying to be like us. CRACK UPS!