Saturday, September 4, 2010

Poop Happens

Seriously? I can't believe what just happened. And all I can think about is that infamous bumper sticker "Poop Happens" (edited for language).

In an effort to get my potty training son to go #2 in the toliet, after two previous sprints to the bathroom, I decided to have him go diaper-less. I thought, he'll never go poop without his diaper on. I pictured him telling me he had to poop and we'd go into the bathroom, unload the waste, then eat m&m's to celebrate the potty victory.

Diaper is off and we have our first attempt. David is playing and he looks at me and says, "Poop Poop, Mommy." False alarm, but at this point I'm giving myself a mental pat on the back for having such a good idea.

Not just two minutes after our failed attempt, David walks into the hallway. Seconds later he comes out saying, "Look! Look! Mommy, look! Yucky poop poop."

You're kidding, right?!


There it was. In all it's poopy glory. A large toddler terd on the floor in my hallway. The very thing I never thought would happen.

And so I enter a new stage of motherhood in which I pick-up my little boy's poop off the floor. Hooray.

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