Sunday, September 12, 2010

An Earful

A typical earful from David:

"Mickey Mouse? We go see Mickey Mouse? On my shirt. David's birthday. Mickey Mouse is coming? No, we go see Mickey Mouse. Daddy's box (pointing to a tool box belonging to Daddy). Trash. Yucky trash (sifting through the kitchen garbage bag). Mickey Mouse on my shirt. We go see Mickey Mouse. What's that? (hears a lond noise) . A choo-choo train! Daddy's truck. I see Daddy's truck. Mommy, where's Daddy? He's shooting with Tag. David's birthday. Mickey Mouse is coming. Goldfish. Mommy, I want goldfish. I want cookies. I want banana. (Opens fridge) Mommy, milk. I want milk. Pudding. I want pudding. Grapes! Mommy, I want grapes. Daddy's box. This is Daddy's box."

This was just a 15-second excerpt from a completely one-sided conversation (more like flow of consciousness) that took place while I washed dishes at the sink and David hung out near me in the kitchen. I never responded, David was talking the entire time, even answering his own questions.

Serenity. Now.

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