Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stop & Shop

I have mentioned before in my blog my friends, the Dinsmores, and their journey to follow God's calling for them to adopt a child from Ethiopia. Well, I'm gonna mention them again.

There is a cool event happening on Friday, November 5th, 6:30-9:30pm at the Yuma Civic Center. The event is called 'Stop & Shop', where participating businesses will gather in one place, friends, family, and neighbors will come and shop, and a portion of each business' profits will be donated to benefit the Dinsmore adoption.

The hubs and I are even participating! I've talked him into sand-blasting some river rock with decorative or inspirational designs. Then I recruited my friend, Brandi, to help me hock our wares at the event. It's gonna be epic!

There are only 67 days until Christmas, there is no time like the present, or better yet, November 5th, to get your holiday shopping done. Tell your neighbors, friends, even random people you meet on the street. Come one, come all...shop and be fruitful!


  1. Hi Lauren!
    I saw the flyer for this up at Preston's preschool. Are you Sticks and Stones?
    I think it is, perhaps, a little unfair that God granted sooooo much talent to just one person- you amaze me!
    Come visit me over at my blog sometime-