Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 12 David-isms of Christmas

Being just a little more than 3 years old, this is the first year that David is really aware of Christmas. It's so fun to see how fascinated he is with all that goes with this blessed holiday.

Here are 12 'David-isms' of Christmas:

1) The word tree follows the word Christmas regardless of the context. For example, lights on a house are not "Christmas lights" they are "Christmas Tree lights". And anything that symbolizes Christmas is referred to as 'Christmas Tree stuff''.

2) Every time he enters the house he lets out a huge "WOW!" as soon as he sees the tree.

3) He is loving Christmas movies this year. His favorites are "Elmo and Abby's Christmas Countdown" and "Elmo's World: Happy Holidays". He refers to them as "Elmo Countdown" and "Holiday", respectively.

4) He points to each of our stockings and names to whom they belong.

5) He announces, "Christmas coming soon" several times a day.

6) He has learned how to sing 'Jingle Bells'. Sort of.

7) When we respond to his "Christmas coming soon" with announcements that "Jesus is coming soon," he says, "Happy birthday, Jesus!"

8) Even though there are ornaments on our tree, he likes to say, "Ornaments coming soon" because that's what I told him before the tree was decorated.

9) He responds with the same enthusiasm and wonder when he sees the lights on our house come on each night as when he sees the Christmas tree.

10) When someone comes to our door he says, "Santa Clause is here!"

11) His response to seeing presents or toys on a TV commercial David say, "I want presents!"

12) He is very fascinated with the water for the Christmas tree. Very. Fascinated.

This mama is just loving experiencing the wonder and excitement of Christmas seen through the eyes of a toddler!

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