Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Mysterious Toddler Fever

A few weeks ago, conveniently when the hubs was gone hunting or shooting, or something to do with firearms, my little guy came down with a fever. It was completely out of the blue. Luckily it was a Friday afternoon, so the music teacher was able to cover my class and I would have the rest of the weekend to nurse him back to health.

I got the patient home, gave him some IB, and he was fast asleep for a nap by 12:30pm. Two hours later he awoke fever free and remained that way for the remainder of the weekend. It was a miraculous healing! And a complete mystery. The fever had disappeared just as quickly as it appeared.

Fast forward to today. Actually this morning. Very. Early. This morning. It was 3am when I heard the mumblings of my toddler coming from his room. Now, he has talked in his sleep on occasion, but this was like a full-on convo! I went in to check on him and his were open and he was rambling on about his teachers and our dog barking outside. When I laid my hand on him he was burning up. A quick read of the thermometer told me his body temp was 102.3 degrees! Perhaps his early morning ramblings were the result of deliriousness from the fever. I acted quickly with some IB, a cold glass of water, and removed his shirt. I swear that in less than 10 minutes his fever was gone! Another mystery fever.
Well, being the two career family that we are, when our kid is sick we dose him up with meds, send him off to school, and see how long it takes for us to get the call to pick him up. It's precisely the thing I get frustrated with as a teacher, parents that send their kids to school sick. I know, don't judge me. Fortunately for the hubs and I the call came at 3:30pm, just when Mommy had called it a day in 2nd grade. We gambled and we won. This time.
So, now here I sit, a sick little boy next to me, fast asleep before dinner. And with the 24 hour rule strictly enforced at the pre-school, David will not be in attendance. It's time to call in reinforcements. My wonderful friend Brandi Bender always offers to take David when he's sick. And we sometimes take her up on it! Being a working mom turned stay-at-home mom she knows what it's like.

We shall see how this fever runs its course. And hopefully it doesn't infect the rest of us.

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  1. Hahahaha, I am completely not judging. I have picked up my friend Patty's daughter from daycare when she had a fever before. I hope the little guy feels better. That Brandi Bender is pretty handy, huh?