Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Comes Early

Every year Christmas comes early for one special little girl. ME! The best gift I can ever get for Christmas (aside from all the gifts my students give me) is 2 1/2 weeks off during the holidays. After 16 weeks of teaching and grading, and spending 7 hours a day with 21 little people who sneeze, cough, and breathe on me, who talk a lot, get sick, bring their germs, and forget their homework, and, when December hits, can't contain their excitement for Christmas, this break comes well-deserved. I love my job, but when Christmas break arrives, I am ready for the rest and the peace and quiet. I can't imagine any other way to ring in the holidays than with the serenity of being at home. And come 2011, I will be a better teacher for it.

Praise God for the birth of the Savior and for 19 consecutive days off.

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