Monday, January 3, 2011

I Resolve

Resolutions are soooo 2010. Like, yah!

This year I am resolving. What's the diff, you ask? There is none, but I like the way it sounds. It gives an air of sophistication and committment, even if I am neither sophisticated, nor committed.

In all seriousness, though, with the new year upon us, I don't want to make a mental list of all the obligatory resolutions like lose weight, exercise more, eat better, stop smoking. I should do all those things (well, I don't smoke, so I guess I can mark that off my list), but I don't want to resolve to do anything that I might beat myself up for not doing. And you know there will be those things on my list that I will utterly and completely fail at.

Instead, I want to resolve to do things, and heck, if I mess up, it'll be ok because I can do better in the next moment/hour/day/week. I need to resolve to do things that I will forgive myself for if I don't do. If Jesus can forgive me, then why can't I forgive myself?

So, here is what I resolve to do....

Care less about trivial, material, superficial, insignificant things.
Care more about me, my family, people who hurt, my students.
Love less the things that are of this world and are fleeting.
Love more my God, my family, my students, people who hurt.
Do less that is fruitless.
Do more with my time, my money, my talents to further God's kingdom.
Laugh less at things that dishonor God or tear people down.
Laugh more with my son, my husband, my students, my friends.
Take less offense, defense, nonsense.
Take more photos, quiet time, time to cook for my family.

I don't know what these resolves will look like. They will probably take many different shapes in the next 360 or so days. I do know that it will be hard, but worth it. And I will stumble, but get back up.
I don't want to be a perfect version of me, just a better version of me.


  1. Love it. And I love your new design. did you do that header??? You've been taking some pretty fabulous pictures lately. I'm jealous - when I take pictures I'm lucky if everyone's head is in it!!

  2. Yes, Lara, the header is all my work. I've been reading some great blogs: and craftaholics anonymous, and they have great blogging tips to "beautify" your blog.