Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mama's Newest Obsession

New year, new obsession, right?

I got this super duper awesome camera for Christmas (thank you, husband!).

Now, my new obsession is photography. And, not just photography, but also photo editing. What I am really loving is the newest craze in photo editing which is to make your pics look like old school polaroids.

There has been A LOT of photo taking going on in my house. Also, I have been practicing some serious time-suckage on the computer playing with my photos. Picasa is a free photo editing program from Google that you can download in just minutes. Once you have it you can transform your photos easily. To get the "polaroid" effect (called color process), there is a link to Picnik where you have even more editing options and you are able to save the photo to your Picasa.

Here are some of my fun results:

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