Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One of Those Days, But With a Happy Ending

Tuesday was One of Those Days.  You know the kind.  One of those 15 hour days that end with a headache and heartburn.  That was my Tuesday. 

I was tired, so I overslept.  The hubs worked VERY late the night before, so he was still asleep.  My normal 5:30am wake-up was delayed almost a half hour.  It was a scramble to get myself and my son ready for the day plus take care of the dog.

Oh, and did I mention?  David had to be at the lab to provide a urine sample.  Lucky me got to take him.  I kneeled on the floor of a bathroom with a not-yet-potty trained toddler asking him to pee on demand into a small cup.  Fun!  After 15 minutes on that floor, with a hurt knee and an aching back, we had nothing to show for it.  I handed over the empty cup and the toddler to the hubs who, after his late night of work, pulled himself out of bed and met us at the lab.  I told him the cup must be filled and returned to the lab by noon.  I wished him luck and sped out the parking lot at 7:52am to get to school by 8:00am.

There was no time for coffee or breakfast for me in the chaos of the morning, so as I greeted my students in the classroom I was downing a Coca-Cola and eating a bag of Cheetos.  A picture of health.  I also had brought no lunch, so I ate another bag of Cheetos, drank another Coke, and washed it all down with an ice cream sandwich for lunch.  Feeling a headache and heartburn coming on. 

Thankfully the day with my 2nd graders was run of the mill.  It was just the usual amount of craziness.  But to end the school day on a high note (sarcasm level: high) I got to have a parent/teacher conference.  I didn't have the best news.  Commence heartburn and headache.

I left my day job to head home for my 2nd job, Head Mommy in Charge at Gross Family, Inc.  My task: put dinner in my family's mouths.  Simple enough.  Nope.  I was met at the door by my boys heading out to the pediatrician for the test results from this morning's lab visit.  I saved my husband by taking the kiddo so the hubs could return to work.  After more than an hour at the doctor, David was given a clean bill of health and we were headed to our next destination, which unfortunately was not home.

New dinner plans: grab a pretzel and soda at Target while we shop for my nephew's birthday gift because we had only 30 minutes to eat, get a gift, and be across town for a 7 year old's cake and presents event.  Heartburn and headache, worse

I stuffed my face with the pretzel as I signed the card, put the gift in the bag, and raced down the highway.  We ended up being only 5 minutes late, I slapped a smile on my face as I ignored my heartburn and pretended my headache wasn't that bad.  The strawberry cake with chocolate frosting and crazy toddler weren't helping my heartburn.  Or headache.

To make a long story, only slightly shorter, I finally arrived home nearly 13 hours after I left that morning, feet-aching, acid-refluxing, head-pounding, and eyes-hurting.  I showered myself and my kiddo, and put us both in Momma's bed, cuddled up next to each other.  We both fell asleep quickly.

So there is a happy ending to this crazy day, this crazy story, this crazy life.  I am blessed by His grace that abounds when I am tired, cranky, and just fall short.  I am blessed by my child, who is a gift beyond words, even when he is tired or cranky.  I am blessed by my husband and my family.  I am blessed and I am covered by grace.  His grace is sufficient, even when I am not.

Thank God for happy endings and new beginnings.  There is always tomorrow

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  1. I just had this flashback to how exhausting being a working mom is (and I only worked full time for one year!) People say being a stay at home mom is the hardest job there is - baloney! Working all day and THEN doing all of the mothering when you get home is way harder. Great perspective though!

  2. Hi Lauren! Just had to leave ya a comment-- LOVE your blog! You have a great writing style and your photography is really wonderful, too! :) Oh, and I LOVE your header! Your little guy is a cutie!