Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward & Awesome: Spring Break Edition

It's spring break and there is no shortage of awkwardness and awesomeness 'round here.

Awesomely coy

Enjoying an awesome cup of soy milk and Sesame Street

Just being awesome.  Naturally.

Awkwardly being sniffed by a steer

Being awkwardly licked in the face by said steer

Getting "the eye" from a very handsome woman at the county fair.  It was tough to tell whether she wanted to date me or beat me up.  Or both.

My son practically climbling on top of the plumber who was laid out under my bathroom sink trying to repair it's leak.  Then asking the plumber "what doing?" about 1,000 times.  Then tapping him in the crotch (just the wrong right height) to ask him some more questions.  Awkward trifecta.

Trying to pick up my car from the dealership after routine maintenance then realizing my wallet is outside, in a bag, sitting on my son's car seat, on the ground, next to my car, in the parking lot.  Then turning around to find my son dumping out dirt from his shoe on the very nice leather couch in the lobby.

My dad and stepmom visiting this week

The county fair=delicious carnie food, 4H animals, and the carcass display.  I am aware of my weirdness.

Not having to wake-up at 5:30am (but waking up at 5:30am because a certain 3yo is ready to take on the day).  Awesome AND completely annoying.  Thank you, son.

I am linking this up to The Daybook's Awkward & Awesome Thursday.
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