Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Levity

My last 2 posts were a bit heavy, so I thought I'd bring some miscellaneous levity to the blog today.  Here it goes.....

First, if you are like me and love hilarity and unadulterated sasrcasm, then you must go directly to this site and laugh your behind off.  Jon Acuff writes the blog (and wrote the book) Stuff Christians Like.   It's like a party for your funny bone.  His post from yesterday had me literally LOL.  Gotta love that.

I hear a lot of "the 3's are worse than the 2's" when moms discuss the ups and downs of raising a toddler.  I'm here to say that in my experience neither is better or worse than the other.  They both have their undelightful characteristics and moments that make any mom-in-her-right-mind completely and totally insane.  Good times.  I'm upto my elbows in the loveliness that comes from a 3 year old.  Here are all things David at the moment....

He loves to count how many buses we see on the road while driving to school each morning.

He is OBSESSED (and I'm not using that word lightly) with mops, brooms, and vaccuums.  I'm considering seeking professional help for him.  Do they have toddler support groups for that sort of thing?  My little dude may be a candidate for that TLC show My Strange Addiction.  Next up will be Intervention.  

He is the only socially conscious 3 year old I know that wears TOMS shoes and points it out to total strangers at the grocery store.

He knows every character on Sesame Street and Barney.

He knows the routes to church, school, and Starbucks.

He loathes getting his nails trimmed, but he loves getting his ears cleaned with q-tips.

He makes demands requests of which vehicle he wants to ride when we go somewhere.

He would rather get a dust pan and brush than a toy. (True story:  he declined every toy at Ikea and chose a cleaning tool as his prize for the shopping trip.)

When he sees something he likes or finds fascinating he says: Oh. My. GOODNESS!

I hope that brightens and lightens your day!
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  1. I like you.
    a lot.
    and I just wanted to tell you that.
    love digging into your blog.
    it is fabulous.
    and so are you.
    the end.

  2. Hey... just happened upon your blog =) I can TOTALLY relate =) I have a 4 yr old little WOMAN! =)
    Loved reading your post...
    ~New Follower ;)