Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkwardness & Awesomeness

Blowing my nose and not knowing I that a booger had landed on my chest until a fellow teacher pointed it out.  Them:  Um, what's THAT?  Me: What? Oh, that? Yea, that would be a booger. 

Forgetting my lunch and having to eat the hot lunch ordered by a student that was absent so I wouldn't starve.

Not being able to decide which Starbucks double-insulated tumbler I want: the freakishly tall 24oz. or the just average-sized 16oz.  It took me 10 minutes and I kept picking them up and putting them back.  Then when I finally decided on the 16 oz., I changed my mind after I paid for it and tried to exchange it, but then changed my mind again and kept the small one.  Finally I drove home and lamented over not getting the 24oz. tumbler.  Lame. O. 

Reading facebook status updates about my wild child from the people taking care of him while I'm at work.  Sorry he's so crazy.

Having my co-worker and dear friend point out the rogue booger on my chest before I see the rest of the faculty or a parent.

Getting to eat a rolled tacos with rice and beans lunch from the absent student because I forgot mine.  Way better than what I would have brought.

Having a friend buy me the 24oz. double-insulated Starbucks tumbler after telling her the story of my weird-o-ness about not being able to decide on which size to get.  It pays to be a little awkward.

Laying in bed next to my little guy and listening to him sing Jesus Loves Me.  He's crazy, but I love him to bits and pieces.

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  1. I love a little awkward and awesome! I never invest in fancy coffee tumblers because it never fails that I LOSE them.

  2. hahaha! oh my gosh, that booger thing made me laugh so hard. love. it. you rock.