Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Road Trip to Queen Bee Market {Um, Can We Say, FINALLY!?}

It's taken me sooo long to recap my QBM trip frankly because I was just being lazy about taking photos of some of my finds.  Well, I got the old camera out and here it is....

The BFF and I lived it up this past weekend a few weekends ago and left the men with the kids and headed west to San Diego.  On the way we discussed why we don't do this more often since our husbands seem to leave town much more frequently without spouses or children.  We still don't have an answer, but I think a precedent has been set.  A girls trip will happen again.

We couldn't get out of town fast enough.  First stop was Viejas for some outlet shopping.  We coveted many things in the Coach store.  I. Want. This.


Once we arrived in San Diego, our next stop was our favorite eatery:

It was worth the 30 minute wait for a table and the noise of dining inside.  We ate till we were stuffed, and our wonderful waiter, Andrew (who we are pretty sure has waited on us before at that location) hooked this fortune cookie-lover up with a big bag o' cookies.  He was awesome.

BFF and I continued on to our hotel in Del Mar.  We had the city at our fingertips and no one tagging along with a bed time, but we opted for staying in, lounging in our luxuriously comfy beds, watching TV, chatting, giggling, and eating cookies (me: fortune cookies, Brandi: the complimentary chocolate chip cookies we received upon check-in).  And then we slept.  The pillows said it all.

We were giddy the next morning for Queen Bee Market and all the handmade greatness it had to offer.  It was small and intimate and worth the 3 hour drive.  There were so many fabulous items.  Here are just a few of the gems I brought home (including the birthday gift the BFF procured for me):

More delicious dining was in store for us in Carlsbad at my favorite Mexican food restaurant in the universe.  For those that are familiar, Casa de Bandini used to be in Old Town.  I spent my childhood eating there on trips and vacations.  I was blessed to find a husband who knew of its greatness, too.  We even dined there on our honeymoon.  Anywho, the restaurant closed for a looong time, but finally reopened in Carlsbad.  A relatively far cry from Old Town, but still the same yummy food, and worth the drive for two hungry girls with nothing else to do and not a care in the world.

After stuffing ourselves silly at lunch, we needed to walk off some calories.  This called for some Swedish retail therapy.  Ikea.

This little gem is fabulous and only 99 cents.  A two-sided picture frame with so much potential. 

And even though there is a Target in our hometown, we couldn't leave San Diego without visiting the 2-story Target with an escalator.  The simplest things amuse and impress us.  Besides, they just might have different things than our Target.  And they did.  So there.

We were all shopped out, but we vowed not to leave SD before 6pm.  We wanted to get home AFTER bedtime, to maximize that on-vacation feeling.  We had to delight in one more delicious meal.  Pei Wei, PF Chang's faster, but just as delicious little brother beckoned us from the Target parking lot.  It was so convenient, and really who wants to stop to eat dinner in El Centro?

It was a glorious trip.  To sum it up, we shopped, we ate, we lounged, we shopped, we ate, then we shopped and shopped, and finally ate.  I'm still afraid to check the scale or my bank balance.  But, there was fun to had by all.  I can't wait to do it again.  Anyone want to join us?     

Update:  We ARE doing it again...August 6th!  That's the date for the next QBM.  Can't wait!
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