Friday, June 10, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust {and a Giveaway!}

So, my summer vacation officially began at noon yesterday.  Another school year bites the dust.

Thursday was the last day with the students, and while I really thought I was gonna make it out alive and without shedding a tear, that wasn't the case.  I had minutes to go, but when I began praying aloud before we dismissed, the floodgates opened.  After the prayer, I opened my eyes to find most of my students teary eyed themselves.  I hugged each student as they walked out the door.  Bittersweet.

On Friday, the only thing standing between me and 8 weeks of leisure time was a brief meeting and checking out of my room.  By 12:00pm both were on the books.  The end of my 10th year of teaching.  Hello, summer!

For the next short while my life will be sleeping in (6am...ugh!), flip flops, hat days, and swimming suits, all accompanied by a bright eyed and very active toddler.  Sprinkle in a few short, but action packed trips and we have ourselves a summer.  Let the fun commence!

Next order of business is a giveaway.  I'm just shy of 50 followers.  Thank you to those who read my blog!  And to show my appreciation, I want to have a giveaway when I hit the official 5-0!  One lucky winner will get this cute and sassy tote bag.  Perfect for summer!

And to make it even more interesting, I will host two more giveaways at 75 and 100 followers.  Whoot! Whoot!

So tell your friends, shout it from the mountain top, or put up a billboard.  And keep watching for the deets on the first of three giveaways.   

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  1. Hope you have an awesome summer! Will miss seeing you next year. HUGS!