Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I {Heart} My Hubby

It seems pretty obvious that I love my husband.  I mean, I did marry him and I did name my blog I {Heart} Andy Gross.

He's super special.  Sometimes he's a grump.  He goes shooting  a lot.  He works even more.  He is an awesome dad.  He goes to get me ice cream at 9 o'clock at night.  He puts up with my shenanigans.  I have a lot of shenanigans.  He buys me awesome gifts, like Coach bags and massages and a Nook e-reader.  He likes to hold my hand and crack my fingers and toes.  He encourages me to get pedicures and go out with the girls.  He doesn't mind that I don't cook or am not the best housekeeper.  He knows I drive fast.  He knows I'm stubborn.  He knows I must sleep with an eye mask, a ton of pillows in very specific positions around me, and a big down comforter, even in summer.  We battle over the thermostat.  He mows the lawn, takes David fishing and does his own laundry.  He calls me funny things like Madness or Momma-Head.  He sometimes sends me text messages that say I love you something fierce.  He thinks I'm smart, funny, beautiful, and crazy.  And I am, but he loves me just the same.

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  1. I love these photos - you are such an adorable couple! You guys give me hope - if you can find someone so perfect for you, then true love is definitely out there!