Monday, July 11, 2011

Eight is Not Enough

Eight years ago on this hot July day I said the words, I do.  Never would I have guessed that those two little words would have taken me on this crazy adventure...

I would have never known the glamourous and fast paced lifestyle of Yuma, Arizona.

I would have never experienced discovering the beauty and wonders the Grand Canyon State has to offer with my hubs. (including the Grand Canyon itself)

I would have never known the joys of parenting our sweet boy together.

I would have never known what it's like to be a hunting or shooting widow for days on end.

I would have never seen a large dead elk in the bed of a truck, or it's meaty treasures frozen in my freezer.

I would not have a javelina skull adorning a wall in my bedroom.

I would never have tasted cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapenos.  Yum.

I would never have laughed as you try to be in charge.  We know who really runs things 'round here.

And, I would never change any of it.

Thanks for the adventure.  I love you something fierce, Andrew Gross.  Here's to many, many more....

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