Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Been 10 Years

Ten years ago I met some friends for coffee before I began my day teaching kindergarten.  It was only a couple of weeks into the school year, and my very first year of teaching.

When I arrived at the coffee spot, one friend told us an airplance had flown into one of the Twin Towers in NYC.  I was in disbelief.  Literally.  I did not believe him.  I thought he was making it up or he was going to make some kind of joke.  We were on the west coast, thousands of miles away from what was happening.  We went about out business, drinking our coffee, making conversation. 

It was about 25 minutes later when I got to school and heard more.  Now I realized it was real.  As other teachers arrived at the private Christian school we gathered in the tiny office, listening to the news on the radio, crying, praying.  The decision was made to continue with school that day.  We felt that families, and, mostly the kids, needed the stability and comfort of routine.

When the kids got to school they already knew what was happening on the other side of the country.  They told me what they saw on the news.  They asked questions.  I tried to answer so their little 5 year old minds could understand.  We prayed. 

I have another classroom full of students this year.  They are 4th graders.  They are 10.  They were just coming into this world when the tragedy of 9-11-2011 took place. We will talk about the events that day.  I will answer their questions.  We will pray. 

I only witnessed the events of that day from afar, but I will never forget.
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