Monday, September 5, 2011

The End of Summer {and End of My Unscheduled and Very Long Hiatus from Blogging}

It's Labor Day weekend.  The official end of summer.  Unfortunately, here in Yuma, it's nowhere near the end of the heat.  Triple digits are a reality until Halloween.  Seriously.

The official end to MY summer came about a month ago when I started back to work.  It was a week and a half after that when I saw those sweet faces for the first day of school.  So far, so good on the first 12 days.  Just 168 to go.  Really, though, I'm teaching 4th grade this year (after 5 years in 2nd grade) and the group of kids I have (just 19!) are sooo awesome!  This year is gonna be EPIC!

To sum up my summer and my goings-ons while I was absent from was great!

David and Mommy went to Disneyland in June.
We hung out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins for a mini family reunion.

We rented a cabin and the 3 of us enjoyed the cool air and pine trees of the Mogollon Rim in central AZ.  The boys fished A LOT!

Momma made some feminine hygeine products, zipper pouches, and bought some undergarments for girls in African orphanges.  I wrote about it here.

I started collecting change for The Shine Project.

I got a new ride.  Yes, it's a minivan, but don't call me a soccer
mom just yet.  I rock out to Sex Pistols and Social Distortion
while I'm cruising the streets of Yuma, taking my kid to gymnastics
class and going grocery shopping.

Perfect end to a perfect summer.

There was a lot of stuff in the in-between, too.  Such as river float downs, BBQing hot dogs in the park as an outreach with my small group, movies with my tiny boyfriend, and afternoon naps.  Except for the extreme heat, I love summer!  But, I'm not all that sad to see it end.  It's the start of a new season (soon), the beginning of a new school year, and cooler temps are right around the corner.  And, here's to being back in the blog world.  It's the end of summer, and my hiatus is over.  I'm back, baby!

Happy Labor Day.  Happy end to summer.
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