Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinterest Made Me Do It {Cooking Edition}

Pinterest has changed my life.

If you live on this side of a rock, you can relate to the above statement.  The change for me has been threefold:
1.  I waste a lot more time than I did before I found Pinterest.  Or it found me.
2.  I have a rich fantasy life that consists of an amazing wardrobe, an impeccably decorated and perfectly organized home, a sharply dressed and photograph ready child, and a variety of incredible craft ideas that would keep me busy for the remainder of my natural born life.  And all of this is organized within several cleverly named boards that house thousands of pins.  And more await....
3.  I have cooked more in the past month than ever before.  If you listen closely, you can hear my husband singing praises.

In all seriousness, Pinterest has been my inspiration, muse if you will, for a plethora of things.  From painting without sanding tutorials to how to make homemade liquid hand soap.  It's the instruction manual for my life.  If it's been done before, it's been pinned.

I have pinned,  I have made. 

The biggest inspiration has come in the kitchen.  Here I would like to share my favorite recipes I've tried so far.  You'll thank me.

Ah, Pinterest.  My waistline will not be shrinking with your dominating web presence taunting me with new delicious pins each day.  Oh, but you taste so good!

NOT the end.  

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