Thursday, January 26, 2012

When Shopping Trips Go Bad

I use to pride myself on having a good shopper.  My kid has always been a champ at rolling the aisles or racks in a cart or stroller.  Of course, there were the occasional grabs from the shelves or pulls of the clothes racks, but all in all, he rocked at shopping.  A real mother's dream I tell ya!

Until.  Now.

Perhaps with age (his being a little over 4) comes wisdom, but as of late, shopping has not been fun with this little charmer.  Let me re-phrase that, it's been torture.  He's smart enough to know that he can really rock momma's world if he disrupts the shopping.  It's button-pushing at it's finest, folks.  
This was the high point of our Target trip.
If he's not throwing a temper tantrum, he's throwing stuff out of the cart, or kicking me, or wanting to get out of the cart, or standing up in the cart, or screaming to be held, or hitting customers as we roll by, or saying he needs to potty right in the middle of grocery shopping after we've already made one trip to the restroom.  Ugh.

I know some of you can relate.  And, I hope this is just a phase and it ends.  Soon.  I can't take much more.  A girl's gotta eat and have clothes, so no shopping is out of the question.  And, almost as much of a nightmare as shopping with Crazy Preschooler! 

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