Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh, How Time Flies {David Day}

I can't believe it's been 4 years.

Four years since I pined for a baby to love and care for.  Since I longed to be a mommy.

Four years since I first met that sweet baby.  Since we met eyes for the first time and I held his chubby little baby body in my arms.  It felt so good and so right to wrap my arms around him.

Four years since we brought that precious boy to our home.  His home.  Since we bought a crib and clothes and pacifiers and bottles and everything we thought we needed for our new little bundle. 

Four years since mommy and daddy woke up several times each night to bottle feed a hungry little baby.  Since we rocked a fussy infant and gave him all the love we could muster.  And then some.

Four years since the first bath in his new home.  Four years since his first smile in his new home.  Four years since we first cuddled and slept beside each other.

Four years....

And now, we have an energetic, percocious 4 year old.  And more memories to be made....

Home just a few days.  About 4 months old
Adoption Day!  2 years old

Everyday misadventures.  4 years old

Thank you God for this blessing I call my son.

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