Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Have Done: A Story in Pictures

Here are some things I have delighted myself with as of late.....

I have been eyeing a beautiful glass front buffet cabinet at a local furniture for about a year now. Then I spotted this adorable little bookshelf at Target for just $55 (less than half of the buffet's price!). It was calling my name and it was the last one. I grabbed it and convinced myself that it would be much better than the buffet because it was a tad smaller for my tiny kitchen and had no glass doors that could be broken at the hands of a certain 2.5 year old. I. Love. It.

I also got a new kitchen table, but alas, no picture.

In honor of Earth Day my class made some fun recycled stuff. First there were magazine bowls (no picture) fashioned from pages of old magazines and drenched in Mod Podge. FUN!

We also made these crafty tote bags from old tank tops of t-shirts.

My big spring break project was to create a giant magnetic chalkboard wall in my hallway. This wall has remained a blank canvas for 5 years, until now. It will now be a place where we can post messages, grocery lists, important reminders, David's artwork and other things.

This is the wall being taped and primed for paint!

Here are the SIX coats of magnetic paint that had to be put on before the chalkboard paint.

This is the nearly finished prodcuct. The chalkboard paint was put on (3 coats), dried, cured, and then primed by rubbing chalk over the entire area and erasing it. I am just waiting on the hubs to frame it in all around the perimeter and attach a mail catcher to the wall.

Here is a bath mat I made a couple months ago. I got the idea from a wonderful book I found full of repurposing projects from old and vintage materials.

The backing is a terry bath towel and the top is cotton fabric with terry strips sewn on. None of the fabrics were old or vintage, but it was fun, nonetheless.

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