Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's In a Name?

I have recently discovered a delightful blog from which I have acquired many wonderful art projects and lessons to use in my classroom. This is perfect because like I always say, I get many of my best ideas from someone else!

As I prepare to send my students on to the next grades, we have been perfecting our penmanship. Some need more help than others. The following project that I found seemed perfect for a respite from droll cursive writing.

These are "Name Creatures". Students wrote their names in cursive on a folded piece of paper then traced the mirror image on the opposite side of the fold. When unfolded and turned vertically the students were able to let their imagiantions run wild as they turned their names into creatures! The following pictures show my example and then some of the students' creations....

Here is the teacher's example!

You can see the name when the the paper is shown horizontally.

This shows the name and its mirror image.

Some student examples on the "Wall of Fame".

Here is my "Wall of Fame". I love this! And, actually, this idea was all my own. Each student has a clipboard that can display their work. It is a super easy way to display student work with minimal work and bulletin board changes.

Below the "Wall of Fame" are my assignment trays, one for each subject. It is where students turn in assignments. Another one of my (few) original ideas!

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