Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awesome & Awkward {My Favorite Day}


Photos from Bloggy Bootcamp SD...both awkward & awesome.  Awkward because I don't look quite as lovely and fresh faced as I would have liked.  And it looks like one of my eyes is kind of squinty.  Awesome because BBCSD was so fun and I met some great ladies.

Taking way too many faculty group photos in the morning AND again in the same afternoon.  Those chessy frozen smiles, everyone standing in a row.  Not.  Good.

Not realizing and not knowing it was even possible, but wearing my bra inside out for an entire day.  It explains the discomfort I was experiencing.

Wearing totally rockin' shoes to Bloggy Bootcamp, but having horribly swollen feet and ankles.

Bloggy Bootcamp.  San Diego.  No husband.  No child.  Waking up in a large bed by myself.  Enough said. 

Spring Break is almost here.  Like one more day of work almost here.  Like I will begin my vacationing attitude at 1:46pm on Friday.  Like I might even start celebrating right now. 

Re-reading Jon Acuff's Stuff Christians Like and being reminded that it is epically awesome, and written just for me and my immense love and practice of sarcasm.

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  1. Too funny about the Bra! Cheesy smiles are the best you guys should have been taking funny face shots!! Loved your awkwards and awesomes!

  2. Oh, the faculty group photo. Bieng in close quarters with people that you would rather not be in close quarters with. And then having to smile!!
    I think you look beautiful in your pics!
    (And don't worry, I am just about to email you back.) :)

  3. That's hilarious about the bra! haha :-)

    And I love Stuff Christians Like - cracks me up!