Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Love {Life as Topher's Mom}

My new blog crush comes from Gin, a wife, momma, teacher, and author of Life as Topher's Mom.

Here are the reasons I am loving Gin and her blog:

1.  She quotes lyrics from a Ben Folds song in her blog description.

2.  Her writing is so. good.  So good.

3.  Gin's look on life is so positive and upbeat.  Just read her post on the funniest moments of her wedding.

4.  She thought she was having a girl and intended to name her Lulu.  How can you not love someone that would name her daughter Lulu?  Most. Awesome. Girl's Name. Ever. 

5.  Gin is a teacher, just like me.  I like finding people who are awesome like I am.

There are a ton more reasons to love Gin and Life as Topher's Mom.  Go find your own.  Check out Gin's blog, show her some comment love, and tell her I sent ya! 

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