Monday, March 21, 2011

Bloggy Bootcamp: Reader's Digest Version (a.k.a Busy Mom Version)

I have not had enough time to properly document all the thoughts and events from my awesome weekend in San Diego at Bloggy Bootcamp.  But, until I give you my ins and outs of it all, you can read about it from a fabulous gal and one of my bloggy buddies here.  And you might recognize a girl in a couple of photos.

I promise I will post about it soon.

Soon is relative. 

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  1. Hi! I'm gin, also mom of one little guy AND a teacher too! I found you on LMM's blog and when she said the word teacher, I couldn't click over fast enough. I have yet to find any fellow teacher/bloggies so I am excited to "meet" you!
    And btw,
    I'm awkard and awesome too!! :)

  2. I'm over at Life as Topher's Mama: