Thursday, March 17, 2011

Loving on Japan: For Hope's Sake

I thank my Savior that I have hope.  Hope in Him because of what He did for me.  Hope in all that is good and all that is not that great.  Hope in abundance and hope in having nothing or losing everything.  But, even with that promise of hope, in the midst of tremendous disaster and devastation, some people may still feel hopeless.  The tragedy that has struck Japan is heartbreaking.  Some have lost everything and everyone.  I realize that this little ol' mommy blogger from Arizona is not going to change the world by shutting her mouth on her little ol' blog for one day, but I'm still going to be silent.  For Japan.  For help.  For hope.

Join me.

For more information go to For Japan with Love
For even more information, go here

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