Monday, April 4, 2011

Back to Reality: Spring Break in Review

Well, my days of sleeping in waking up at 5:30am and tending to the every need of my 2nd graders toddler are over.  My break wasn't exactly a dream vacation.  I was still up early each day and seemed to be working jut as hard as I do during school, but it was nice to get away from the classroom, grading papers, and preparing lessons for just a bit.  Only 9 weeks until summer vacation!

Here is my spring break in pictures.  Sorry, no carcass display, though.

Jumping on the couch. 

Cartoons and his morning cup o' soy milk.

A little soccer ball action in the front yard.
Helping Daddy use power tools. 

Attempting to climb into the pig's pen.

Getting sniffed in the rear by a steer.

A whole lotta kids!


More games at the fair.

Bathtime.  Wearing a hat.  Makes sense.

What didn't get captured in photographs was Gramma and Grampa's visit from Las Vegas, the Quartermaster Depot, lots of eating out, the dog's haircut, a visit from the plumber, a handful of miscellaneous errands and shopping, and an all around tired momma.  Did I mention there is only 9 more weeks until summer vacation?!

Back to reality today.

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  1. The hula hoop picture is freakin' awesome. You have mad photography skills!

  2. LOVE the hat in the tub! LJ insists on bring in his Hot Wheels, but the hat is classic!