Thursday, June 23, 2011

Officially Summer {You Can Find Me at the River!}

Summer is officially here.  And right out the gates she's not holding anything back with it being as hot as the surface of the sun 115 degrees today.  Yes, that is one hundred fifteen.  One, One, Five.  I know, right?! But, it's a dry heat.  Like my oven.

So, when you are exiled to anywhere that's wet or air-conditioned, what kind of options do you have?  My son can only sit in a cart and walk around Wal-Mart or Target for so long, you know.  And, at $5 a pop, visiting the local aquatic complex isn't a daily option.  Oh yeah, and my backyard is about as inviting as Death Valley in July.  Dirt and the heat of a million burning suns.  Yuck.

Thank goodness God had the foresight to create a little wonder called the Colorado River a few eons ago.  It ain't glamourous, pretty, or have crystal blue waters.  But that water runs cool when I dip my feet and the price is right!

Last week the bestie and I took the kiddos to the river for some free, cool fun.  We found a little inlet with a slow current and was only ankle to knee deep.  It was the perfect spot for everyone to play, have a good time, and be water-safe.  We're going back again today.

And who doesn't love some float down action?!  Saturday marks the 2nd annual Brandi Bender Birthday Colorado River Float Down.  Whoot!  Whoot!  It'll just be me, a nice inflatable, lots of sunscreen, and 4 hours of just going with the flow! Oh yeah, and about 5-7 other people.  Good times!

So, there's my answer to beating the summer heat.  If you need me, I'll be at the river!
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